Grease Girl started when Kristin bought a 1955 Studebaker Champion with intentions of making it her daily driver in traffic-laden Los Angeles. Drawn to classic cars because of their styling, Kristin also loved that they were simpler mechanically than modern cars. Although she had never as much as changed her own oil, Kristin’s intentions were to learn how to do all the mechanical work on her “Stude”. That journey is where Grease Girl began.

It turns out that once she got in the garage, Kristin was having the time of her life – but wondered where all the other gals were!? Vintage and rockabilly scenes are bursting with lovely ladies who love cars, but when Kristin went looking for other gals who drove, or better yet worked on, their classic cars she came up nearly empty handed. In hopes that sharing her own journey would help to recruite more women and beginners to the garage, Kristin launched Grease Girl.

We’d love for you to stick around and join in on this greasy adventure!

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