Welcome! While I created this site to focus on car-lovin’ adventures, it doesn’t hurt to look cute while you’re wrenchin’ & rollin’!  I get lots of comments and inquiries into my rockabilly styled hair… so I thought I’d attempt to give some information about rockabilly hairstyles. Click on any of the Beauty & Style categories above to find out more about styling, curling, or dying your hair. Or begin below for some tips if you’re just starting out with this. While you’re here, take a peek into our garage adventures to see all the fun learning about and working on cars can be!

Beginner’s Tips

There’s a few basic things to know before you start:

  • Don’t be afraid to get greasy! Freshly washed hair is not usually what you want to begin with. If it is freshly washed, you’ll need to slap a little pomade in before getting started. But, hair that’s 2-3 days past a wash works best for a vintage updo. Washing your hair everyday is for squares!
  • Expand your hair tools. Sponge rollers, wave lotion, bobby pins (medium, small, and x-large), pincurl clips, pomade, and flower clips are all necessities. I would recommend Sally Beauty Supply for most of these items. **Note on bobby pins** they are not all created equal! Most bobby pins I find in drug stores are no good. They’re either not strong enough, have a bad shape, or have little plastic things on the ends that start to come off and pull your hair! I buy all my bobby pins at Sally – they come in nifty little metal boxes in a variety of colors and sizes, and are perfect in every way!
  • Don’t expect to get perfect results on your first try. The night before your wedding is not a good time to try your hair in sponge rollers for the first time! These styles may take a little extra time and practice to begin with…but it can be fun to learn! Over time you’ll find that you can accomplish a vintage look in no time flat. I tend to spend less time styling my hair daily then someone who wears their hair freshly blow-dried… and people are constantly stopping to admire my hair!
All Curled Up

How to Curl Your Hair For Vintage StylesMost retro styles use some sort of curl or set. Many have difficulty figuring out just how to get the authentic vintage hairstyle look…curls are the key! And I’m not talking curling irons here gals, you’ve got to rock it old school. For instructions and tips on getting just the right curl for your hair…

Click here for Curling Tutorials




Vintage Hairstyles

How to Style Your Hair Vintage RetroRetro and Rockabilly hair styling uses a different bag o’ tricks then most. There’s some secrets to vintage hairstyles too. Most importantly…it’s practice! Look around for pictures of styles you like and see if you can creatively recreate them. For more pictures and other hairstyling tips and how-to’s…

Click here for Pinup Hairstyle Tutorials & Tips






Two-Tone Hair Dying

How to Dye Your Hair RockabillyVintage and Rockabilly hair comes in ALL styles! While the more conservative can keep their original style, the sky is the limit for those who dare. I see myself somewhere in the middle ground with my two-tone look of red and blond. The blond makes the hair color a little more interesting…but I can still work in an office no problem. I dye my hair at home – so for those who’d like some tips on that process or to show give their hairstylist some pointers on what sections you might want to dye for a two-color dye job…

Click here for Two Tone Hair Dye Tutorial





Swing dancing and vintage styles draw a lot of ladies into cars to begin with. At Grease Girl we celebrate the joys of being girly and getting dirty…and we think the two go together beautifully! We’ve heard plenty ladies say they think vintage hairstyles will be too difficult, or that working on cars will be too difficult – but with a little practice both are totally within reach! Don’t be afraid to go after what you love…whether that’s greaser gorgeous or whatever fits your skin!

Keeping these things in mind…va-va-voom your way to vintage glamour by checking into any of the handy articles listed above! And as always…happy trails!