Studebaker sighting

I began this post to mention another blog post I found on the 50-51′ airplane nose Studebaker. It has a great little summary of some company history, which is what I like so much about it. It can be found at

However, as I typed “Studebaker sighting”, I couldn’t help but remember the day I earlier this year when I was headed towards home down the 110 freeway and rolled right up on this brother car. I mean, what are the odds!?p1010008 The funny thing was, I’d seen this picture of the car before, on a club website, as I was searching the internet for Studebakers. (I believe its the Orange Empire Studebaker Drivers Club.)

We gave each other the thumbs up while eye’n one another’s car. I was so excited on the inside…I wanted to pull over together and do a little dance. But I kept my cool exterior and headed on home. I hope one of these days we’ll met again around town.

While we’re on the topic of brother cars, I should mention my buddy Scott, who drives a 53′ Champion. car10Out of approximately 800 cars showing at Viva Las Vegas last year, Scott had the only Studebaker (I heard there was one more, but failed to sight it)! Of course we became immediate buddies and our little Studebaker cruise truly topped off that weekend. Aren’t our cars so cute together!?suc54606
Speaking of Viva Las Vegas…I’m looking forward to being there again this year (this time with the Stude in the car show)! So if you can make it to Vegas this April – it’ll be tons of fun and I’d love to meet you!

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  1. LOren

    Grease Girl,

    About three years ago I found out that my wife was going to have our first (and only) baby. As we began to plan our baby’s room, and what we would need, it became apparent that I would need to sell my 55 champion. My champion and I had been through so much together. I drove it to work in Whittier every Friday. I took it to local car shows, and to the beach. It was my first build. I listed it on ebay and it sold. Then after I sold it it came up on ebay three more times, I think it is Oklahoma now. I sold it with a cool edmunds intake and Edmunds aluminum valve cover. I love my little baby, but I sure miss my 55.


    • greasegirl

      Sad to lose one “baby” for another! My dad had to do this too when we started coming along…I think it ended up being a good payoff 😉
      I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll get to keep Stude forever. If you’re still around LA, maybe you’ll see me around – and just perhaps you can ride in a 55 again!
      Happy Trails wherever they take you!


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