girls and Studes

I was thrilled to get a comment from Chris with the Sequoia Chapter of the Studebaker Drivers Club and a link to his cute 55! It amazes me how many different models of the 55 Champion there are…that look mostly the same but have little things different…ahh…marketing marvels!

While perusing the pics of the other member’s cars I came across Pinky and her 58 Wagon. (Not the only woman of the club either!)She’s got a very cool car and I was excited to hear she did much of the restoration work herself…and also with no previous mechanical skills! Props to you Pinky and I hope to run into you one of these days – we’ll have to take a cruise. And if that surfboard atop your wagon is any indication that you surf, we can catch a wave too!

Pinky’s site can be found here!
Sequoia Chapter Studebaker Drivers Club can be found here!

surfpinupP.S. I need a surf rack for my Stude. My dad and I were going to custom weld one when I’m home in April. Any hot rod surfers out there have stories of racks they’ve used? I’d love to hear!

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