All Sorts of Workin’!

MyRideIsMe.comThis past weekend has been busy! First of all, I would like to introduce you all to – who I’ve been lucky enough to pair up with! It’s a super cool site that lets you connect with other car folk from near and far. Grease Girl articles will be featured over on – we’re just unveiling my first introductory piece, check it out!

greasy girlOther than writing, I’ve been doing LOTS of working this weekend too. Many preparations came down to the wire getting ready for Viva Las Vegas. At home there’s been outfits to sew (gotta look good!) and in the garage the transmission needed switched out in the Stude and the headliner finished. I had wanted to get a little pinstripping done, but I think that’s gonna have to wait.

Believe it or not – everything was accomplished! Well…everything but that vintage-era bathing suit I wanted to make. So click on over to and check back soon for the finished Headliner How-To as well as a Transmission 101 article!

And you know where I’ll be next weekend!!! I hope to meet lots of you then, but if you can’t make it to Viva, you know where to find pictures of the shenanigans and crazy rockabilly custom cars and rat rods afterward!

5 Responses

  1. thenephilm

    That’s a pretty sweet deal. It is nice to see a girl working on cars. I would love to see more girls in the custom truck world as well!

  2. Jesse O'Brien

    I’m all kinds of excited about your blog, there just aren’t enough girls who work on cars. Unfortunately, it looks like your MyRideIsMe links are broken, they’re taking me to 404 pages.

    • greasegirl


      Thanks so much for your kind words…and thanks for letting me know about the broken links – I’ll get to work on fixing that! Also…now that I’ve approved a comment of yours, you should be able to post them easier in the future…come back soon, I’ll be posting many new articles up!


      • Jesse O'Brien

        Looking forward to seeing more from you! I’ve had a chance to read through the rest of your site, and if you can keep your content as good as I’ve seen, consider me a life-er 🙂

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