Bonneville or Bust!

As I write this my dad’s throwing the last few things in the truck, Craig from MyRideIsMe is on the road to meet us in Vegas, and then we’ll be off to our first ever experience of speed weekat the salt flats in Bonneville! I’m super excited to experience this event – the last frontier of home-built racing machines. The fellas at will all be there and together we’ll be tag-teaming coverage of the event while we meet tons of cool people, watch things go fast, and learn more about people and their cars.

leaving.for.flatsNeedless to say there will be some very cool pictures and stories to be told when I get back. Not only that, but I’ve been busy back in LA the past few weeks…stopping by Loyola Auto Interiors and getting some tips by Luis on my headliner (so I can finally post that story up!), learning how to tune my engine and do bodywork from Matt and Department of Customz, and getting ready to throw a new exhaust system on Stude so she’ll be ready for Primer Nationals in a few weeks!

Okay…gotta go…till ya hear from me again, Happy Trails!

2 Responses

  1. Jeannie

    Are you the girl with the bracelet made from washers? We spoke about making jewelry? Cool Web site! Jeannie

    • greasegirl

      That’s me! Howdy Jeannie…boy did my Dad ever love your son’s car! If ya make a bracelet of your own, send me a pic…and maybe I should put up a pic of mine 🙂 Speed week was awesome wasn’t it – Can’t wait for next year!!!


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