Wrench like a Girl: Video #1 – Changing Distributor Wires

With so many fun things to do lately, I’ve had trouble doing the writing for the little mechanic issues that have come up with Stude! And since creating a resource for you ladies (and gentlemen) who might also want to work on cars or understand them better is important to me – I thought I’d give videos a try. Let me know what ya think about this format!

Topic: I’ll be changing out the distributor wires (aka ignition wires, spark wires).

Diagnosis: This problem was first brought to my attention by a friend who pointed out the gaping hole in the wire casing. And only then did it really register how uneven my idle was and how much power I’d lost in my engine! Keep in  mind that these wires are carrying the electricity into the engine. Without these babies there would be no spark to ignite the gas within your engine chamber! Due to my damaged wire, my engine was not firing on all 8 cylinders – no bueno!

Parts: I picked up a new set of ACDelco wires from C&C Automotive Distributors in Long Beach. Cost: $40.68

Tools: Really just the new parts and your hands. I also needed an Allen wrench to undo the hex bolts on the part that was keeping my wires organized – as well as a couple new zip ties to keep the new wires away from my roomy headers – and a wax pencil or something like that to label the boots to their corresponding spark plug (this doesn’t have to be done, as they’ll be changed 1 at a time…but it was a 2nd security measure for me).

Time to do it: 1 hour. Could be less,but since I had those special wire holders it took some extra time.

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  1. StinkM

    You need to add some heat sheild material to the last 6″ of the plug wire at the spark plug because they are so close to the headers or you will burn thisw set up sooner than you would like. I would check out JEGs or SUMMIT or you local Speed Shop


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