Grease Girl Diary: Gasoline Girls on the News

Gasoline Girls,my car club, and I were on the local LA channel 4 news this week! It was only a low-key wrenching day doing things like windlacing and radiator-hose changes – which was probably a good thing with a news crew around. We were happy to get some coverage and spread the word that more ladies are gettin’ involved with their cars!

Unfortunately, I can’t get the clip to embed in my website…but you can watch it online by clicking here @ NBC LA (a short commercial will play first!)

Next wrenching opportunities for me…Stude’s front suspension needs some work and Davey (my 1960 Ford Falcon) needs some TLC of various sorts!
Until then…Happy Trails!

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  1. James Tapp

    Without GreaseGirls,there is no need for a cool car. They are like the only things I live for, PERIOD.


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