Motorama Meyhem!

Last weekend I got to cruise over to the Long Beach Motorama… and I’ve gotta say, I was really impressed! Becky Sue and I went together and loved ogling over the many customs and hanging out with friends. Although the Motorama began in 1958, it’s taken a long vacation, and this was its first year back. If you missed it this time around, I highly recommend you put it on your calander for next September!

If ya wanna see all the pics and hear more, check out the stories I’ve posted over at

Other than the cars, one particularly cool thing that was on display there was the Wall of Legends. They’ve casted the hands of eleven legendary first-generation kustomizers. Each hand is displayed holding a tool of their trade along with a discription of the legend. Bringing in history like this is just what I want to see more of! Included in the wall was: Bill Hines, Dean Jeffries, Frank De Rosa Sr., Joe Bailon, Dick Jackson, Hershel Conway, George Barris, Gene Winfield, Sam Foose, Sam Barris, and Larry Watson. If you’d like to find out more about hot rod and custom car history – research these guys!

In other news… my car club, The Gasoline Girls, have been very busy getting Lori’s truck, a 1948 Ford F1 dubbed “Bondorella”, ready for paint. I won’t ruin the secret by telling you how it’s to be finished, but I’ll give you one word – shiny. Other then working together on that, we’re gearing up for shows each of the next coming 3 weekends (check out the sidebar for details). It’s also looking like I’m going to get my salt fix again by making it out to Bonneville for World Finals next week! If I can fit anything else into this month – I’ve got to get to a little wrenching of my own… Stude badly needs a front-suspension rebuild and Davey (my 1960 Falcon) needs some TLC as well.

I hope you’re all having some motoring adventures of your own!
Happy Trails,

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