Still working!

Hey all! I just wanted to let you know I’m still hard at work – I know its been awhile between my posts lately. This Grease Girl has been BUSY!

My biggest news is that I’ve fixed my brakes! I’ll be rolling out with that story as soon as I can – I’m very excited to tell you all about it. If you missed my story on losing my brakes, you can find it here. On other fronts – my transmission pan has decided to give me leaky headaches. I’m in the process of doing what I can to get it fixed now. Then once the mechanical issues are back on track, I’ve got to pay a little attention to the upholstery again. You’ve all voted on your upholstery choice…we’ll see what I can come up with! Hopefully I’ll be able to complete that so I can roll to Viva Las Vegas in style next month!

Hopefully sometime soon I’ll get to show my 1960 Falcon some love. He’s been sitting for a few months with unresolved problems – but it sure would be nice to have a back-up car when Stude has issues.

I’ve still got some more to bring you from the Grand National Roadster show (including a few amazing Studebakers,) as well as all sorts of other fun news to share! To read my latest article written for Chicago Pneumatic’s monthly newsletter, click here for the pdf file. So keep an eye open for more of me…I promise I haven’t fallen asleep under my car!

Keepin on,
Grease Girl

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  1. jameswaterwolf

    Shade Tree mechanics like me know about falling asleep under the car. While lying on your back after working 8 hrs at the mill or factory is a horizontal relief, the cool summer air blowing on your face puts you in a trance and you drift into the rabbit-hole of rust and bolts from hell. The unforgiving reality of the underworld of a car comes full force in your face and it ain’t pretty. What makes us want to go there and face things many people never dream of doing? It might be in our DNA that some secret lies within it’s reddish walls of unstoppable crust.I suppose we hold dear the car’s magicical influence on us and we need to uphold it’s beauty and give back what it so rightly was given to us without notice. We need to praise the old car and not let it die in vain. Works of art and holder of special memories. Vessles of love and good times made of metal and engineering to be proud of. Land rockets that sent us to our favorite lake for a refreshing swim and country roads we got lost on, when being lost never felt so good. We owe them much. We never want them to leave. They are our fabric. They are our spirits.

    You inspire me GreaseGirl, can’t wait to see that Falcon fly.

      • jameswaterwolf

        I’m afraid I might have over done the rust part of my poetic statement as I live in Canada and “rust never sleeps” here.(Neil Young) Your junk cars are our primo models. Body filler is a standard rust retardation plan for 6 months. Don’t get me wrong here. There are so many rods and customs made in Canada that are of the highest quality and deserve recognition. Their owners are the coolest people as well. Comeradery in the Highest Form and they transcend every damn thing you can throw at them. We North Americans are a Rod & Custom Nation. God Bless Us! An artform unequalled! Eat that, Cro-Magnon Man! And we treat our women as jewells and not Goats.

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