picture of the week: Voyage

Submarine Voyage

I know it’s been a little quiet on Grease Girl lately – but I assure you I haven’t been asleep… I’m busy planning out the next big project! How cool of a project would this 1951 Studebaker make…how about putting the back side in front?

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  1. Jameswaterwolf

    I remember towing a sun stressed green Starlight coupe down a dusty road with a chain in the 70’s to a friend’s house. His parents freaked out and told him to remove it ASAP, as if it was a virus. Now they are much in the groove and sought after, unlike some people. I still Love the design and will forever be a fan. As I recall, the coupe had a straight flathead 6 cylinder engine. It would make a great boat anchor.

    Love you Grease Girl , Miigwech

  2. The Gear Head Skeptic

    Jeez – I was just at a car show last weekend where I saw a chopped, pearl orange bullet nose Stude and I didn’t get a picture of it! Sorry.

    Always did like those cars. They are just so unlike anything else. Did you buy that thing, or are you just spit-balling ideas? (please say you bought it, please say you bought it…)


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