Back to the Garage Goes the 1960 Ford Falcon

I’m ashamed to say it – but Davey, my 1960 Ford Falcon 2-door sedan, has been sitting on a side-yard gathering dust since I finished Studie’s transmission over a year ago. (Insert sad, pathetic face here.) The above picture was taken at the last event, and come to think of it the only event, Davey attended – the Mooneyes 2010 July Show.

I had been depending on the Falcon to get me by while Studie was stranded with transmission issues. Falcon got me through, but just barely. Falcon had been giving me worries and semi-breaking down for a couple of weeks by the time Stude had gotten back on the road. The above picture was taken in October 2010 before I had a garage and had to find crafty ways to comfortably work! I was so happy to have my Stude back, and busy with a million other things in life, that Davey just sat… and sat some more. I intended to bring the Falcon over to my garage months ago, but it never seemed to happen.

The wait is over though, today was the day! And as it turns out…it was meant to be…

You see, as it turns out, today was Davey’s birthday! Here’s how I found out…

After driving the Falcon to my house from a couple blocks away (Davey started right up!) and giving him a bath, I opened the hood. Then I remembered what I had read in my original 1960 Ford Falcon shop manual about all the information the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) tells you. I ran inside to grab the manual and opened the driver’s side door to look at Davey’s VIN. Yes, of course, it’s a

2-door, Corinthian White, 6-cylinder sedan – I already knew that. But…what I didn’t know was that Davey was built in Lorain, Ohio on October 1st, 1960!! Happy 51st Birthday Davey! Even though I waited way too long, I think the time is just right to dive into putting Davey back on the road – even better then before!

I’m going to start with a basic tune-up and see what sort of issues come up. When Falcon got parked, I was having issues that seemed a little like overheating. After I had been driving for awhile (say on the freeway for 25 minutes) – the engine would die as soon as I came to a stop. I could start it back up, but it would die again every time I had to stop. I had added a temperature gauge that worked, but it showed the temp didn’t seem to be the problem. Also, the carb was newly rebuilt so I don’t think that’s the issue.

I’m venturing to guess it’s probably fairly minor repairs needed. But I’m very excited to get the chance to dive into this engine and do some learning – and getting to know Davey better!

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  1. john rose

    I now have 2 60’s. One I saved from the graveyard and one I bought from the original owner. I’m looking at a few more. I bought a beautiful, but wrecked 4 door, and used many parts to save the bone yard car that I had no choice but to make a rod out of. Exactly like the one I had in H.S. I’m looking at a few more 60’s to purchase because I’m in LOVE with those cars.

  2. The Gear Head Skeptic

    Is it an automatic? If so, is the idle set too low on the carb? Maybe the motor isn’t getting enough gas to keep it running while in gear with the brakes on adding the extra torque converter load to the motor? Shift into park to re-start, and that extra load goes away… just a first thought. Tell us more about what happens, maybe we can help you trouble shoot it.

    Great car, by the way. There’s one that runs around Calgary in gold metalflake and a chrome bullet grille… very swanky!

      • Jeff B

        Hmm… that’s odd. I’m sure this is already on your tune-up plan, but try a new cap and rotor, and check your timing.

        Anybody else got any smart ideas? I’m out.

      • Brian Wuilleme

        probably the throttle body linkage, as the motor heats up it expands around the linkage and allows too much air in and screws with the fuel air mixture. Put a new sleeve through the around the linkage or replace carb body.

  3. jameswaterwolf

    Sounds like a bad coil. It might overheat and then short out. Been there done that. Definitely electric. Even sparkplugs cause havoc when they die. Also check the engine ground braid wire as it could be loose.

    Your Davey reminds me of a drag car called “Peppermill” racing out of Georgetown, Ontario, Canada. It sported a 300″+ Ford truck engine which enjoy a steel crankshaft instead of nodular iron. I think it also had set of three Webber carbs. I think Davey wants one under his hood. Oh, and a tear-drop hood scoop.

    Stay real, stay true, Jameswaterwolf

    • jim


      • jim

        geezzz thinkin davey would make an awsome PEPPERMILL I I………..

  4. Kenth

    Hi I wonder if my swedish Falcon has wrong dipstick , can you get a picture of yours and show it?
    Is it 2,5 gallons of oil in it? Is it so has my car been driven with to little oil in the engine. In swedish
    I put in 4L ~1.06 gallons and it mesures a little bit ower maximum on the stick.
    /Kenth 1960 4-door sedan

    • Kenth

      Got it sorted out …it was qt not gallon så I have the right oil in my engine…/Kenth

      • greasegirl

        Kenth – Glad you got it sorted out! Sorry I wasn’t quicker getting back to you…I’ve been busy with wedding planning! I’m looking forward to being past the wedding and back to working in the garage more…especially on the Falcon!

  5. Frank

    I love the 2 door falcon. I wanted to find a 1960-61 2door or a 1960-61 luck so far.. The body lines and style are so kicking. Grease Girl …have I seen you on tv ..? In a car show with 4 gals?

    • greasegirl

      Thanks Frank! I love Ranchero’s…it seems like most everything is a little hard to find these days. It seems that if someone is willing to wait around for what they really want, it will eventually come out of the woodwork somehow!
      Car show…nope, that’s not me – I’ve heard there is a 4-gal car show on nowadays, but I don’t get tv channels so I haven’t seen it for myself!

  6. John

    Ended up getting a maverick, as I couldn’t get a awesome ranchero/falcon.
    Still looking for one , if I found one i would snatch it up and either finish the maverick or sell it to work on my true dream. Don’t get me wrong the maverick is ok.. Straight 6 , c4…but needs alot of work.. 25k to make it not a POS and still not show worthy at that price. Highest I have ever seen a maverick go for is 9k show worthy with grabber hood and a 302. See my delima?
    Sorry I never saw the show , but saw a commercial and for a brief sec thought it might be you. 🙂

  7. Paul Jordan.

    I am enjoying your adventures. A good 1/24th scale diecast is available of the 1960 Ford Falcon in both red and white. Try eBay: “Franklin mint 1960 Ford Falcon”. You will be pleased with the detail and look.


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