Miss Combustion and her Gasoline Girls

It’s been project central in my garage lately – so much so that not enough stories have been making it to GreaseGirl! The largest current undertaking is the preparation of a demolition derby car. My car club, the Gasoline Girls, were approached a few months back and asked to take part in an all-girl demolition derby to help raise funds for the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation. Knowing it was a great cause paired with a great learning opportunity, we agreed. And lucky me (or unlucky, depending on opinion) I’m the designated driver!

Long wanting to do a build together – Gasoline Girls began this process by searching for the right car. Club members Jen and Rochelle found a 1968 Ford Galaxie with derby written all over it. We got right into it, spending weekends tearing apart the car. Then getting the engine in running order and figuring out how to reinforce the structure and make other derby modifications.

With one month to go (the derby is on August 10th) we still have plenty of work to do. Asked to choose a persona, our club decided that something along the Rosie the Riveter theme was most fitting – so I’m Miss Combustion with my Gasoline Girl crew. We’re painting the car similar to a proper bomber jet with growling mouth and all. If nothing else, this build has taught the club a lot. Some of the beginning girls did their first mechanical tasks and I’m hoping to get in some of my first welds on a car (I’ve only practiced so far).

It’s the final countdown – if you’d like to head over to our special website for this project, it’s misscombustion.wordpress.com. We’ve got build updates, Team personas, breast cancer info,  paypal donations, a link for tickets and of course we’ll let you know who the last girl “standing” is come Derby night!

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    • greasegirl

      Thanks Ted! We already are having lots of fun. I’ve just gotta get out of the garage and do a little reverse-driving practice!


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