Update: Powered By Women Build

I introduced the SEMA Business Women’s Network (SBN) Mustang Build Powered by Women to you a few months back. Since that time, a design was chosen, the build has been completed, it’s been put on EBay Motors for auction, and it will be officially unveiled in Ford’s booth at Tuesday at SEMA!
“High Gear” is the build concept chosen and was created by Ford Designer Jennifer Seely. I like that this design is a strong and powerful reflection of both the Ford Mustang as well as the many SBN women who have worked together to build it. I was honored to be asked to lead the interior portion of this project. In which myself and a handful of other women worked to upgrade the stereo, upholstery, and wrap up some other work.

Not only did I have a fantastic time working on the car at Source Interlink’s garage (Source being the parent company that runs most every major car magazine), but I got to work alongside and get to know some other really fabulous women who share my passion for cars.

One of the goals behind the Powered By Women build is to give a face to the many women working within the automotive industry. Not only to show our capabilities, but also to open doors for the next generation of ladies entering the work force. The exposure given the build will help to show young ladies that there’s a future for them within automotive and the money raised by the auction will go towards the SEMA Scholarship Fund.

I’ll be sharing pictures of the finished project live during the reveal via my Grease Girl Facebook page or on Instagram (@greasegirl).

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  1. motoinked

    I saw you ladies working when I was there. I was working on the Yamaha in the garage. I thought it was the coolest thing ever! You ladies rock!

    • greasegirl

      Thanks – it was the coolest project to be a part of! I remember you and that Yamaha, I think we chatted briefly – how’d it go?


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