1960 Ford Falcon: Rush to Finish


You all know I’ve been working (very slowly) on getting my 1960 Ford Falcon rejuvenated. As much as everyone hates deadlines, sometimes they’re just what you need. So I’ve declared that I want the Falcon on the road in time to go to the Mooneyes Xmas Car Show on December 8th. Since last Sunday, every spare moment at home has been committed to working towards that goal. I know I have plenty to still cover about what has been done so far – but there’s nothing like the moment! I’m making brief daily posts over on my other writing outlet, MyRideisMe.com, so you can follow along in the adventure. Click here to be directed to the latest on the 10-day rush over at MyRideisMe.com!

2 Responses

  1. Fonzi

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