Falcon Update

After Ethan and I’s 10-day rush to get the Falcon rolling earlier this month…we took a rest break and then geared up for Christmas. Now we’re scurrying to get it finished for a road trip to see my family this weekend!
We’ve had the carb rebuilt. Last night we found leaky front wheel cylinders and have replaced them and finished bleeding the system. Fresh fuel has replaced the bad stuff we drained.

Falcon now fires up well – there just seems to be a couple small kinks to iron out. For example, the brake lights aren’t coming on….faulty brake switch?
To be continued…

4 Responses

    • greasegirl

      For now its just the engine bay James (we also finished under the fenders) – but we’re really pleased with the color and have already talked about painting the whole car in the suede metallic blue!

  1. John Sanford


    So where will we see you this weekend … What car shows ???

    Try Cars & Cappuccino Riverside then visit Riverside Int Raceway Museum 

    If you should want to call me on my cell 951 203 3490 Starts @ 8 am then many go over to the museum about 10 or so 


    • greasegirl

      Where will I be this weekend? Hopefully out of town visiting family 😉
      Falcon will definitely roll to some car gatherings in the next couple of months though!


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