Introducing Project Pepe’


I couldn’t be happier about a tiny, two-wheeled project that recently found its way into my garage. For years I’ve dreamt of exploring the open road on two wheels – with life and other garage projects taking up time and money, there just hasn’t yet been space to think of pursuing my two-wheeled dream. Which is part of the reason why I’m so thrilled that this 1977 Peugeot 103 Moped just fell into my lap!


Carted home by my husband via a friend-of-a-friend, this little 49cc little-sister-to-a-real-bike needs some tender loving care after sitting for years.


Perfectly suited for a motorcycle beginner, I’m looking forward to using my already learned skills and applying them to a slightly-different sort of engine and operating system. The simplicity of the Peugeot makes this a very accessible project.


I’ve begun by giving this bike a much-needed de-cob webbing and cleaning  – helped along by my good friend and huge motorcycle enthusiast, modobenny. She was the one who taught and gave me my first (and only) opportunity driving a two-wheeled beast, during a trip to El Mirage a couple years back.


The Internet has been a huge resource of information so far. I’ve found the Owner’s Manual and Peugeot 103 Service Manual available online as well as carburetor and wiring diagrams. I’ll be spending a little time studying up on the Peugeot before completely deciding which direction to take this project.


I know, I know – a 49 cc Peugeot is hardly going to bring me the “freedom of the open road”…but at least it’s a place to start. If there’s one thing that I’ve learned in the garage, it’s that everyone has to start somewhere!


Have you followed yet? Be sure to keep up on Project Pepe’s progress and my other adventures by doing so!


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  1. jpkalishek

    I ride a bike full time by preference and for several years I didn’t even have 4 wheel transpo operational. Needless to say, I Love working on the two wheeled toys more than cars and trucks. Looking at getting an old midsized bike(350 to 600cc…now considered beginner sized, heh) bike to make a commuter/street tracker/scrambler out of (undecided? Me?). I see more and more folks doing old mopeds too. Seen some done as Cafe Racers, choppers, and one or two as full resto jobs.
    Have Fun Milady!

  2. Robert

    Hi Kristin ! you don’t imagine what an honor it could be to know an american girl is giving a second life to a french mopped !! 🙂 I live in belgium and we have so much used those Peugeot 102, 103 and even Solex or NSU cyclos … that I just could not imagine that someone have any interest in those bikes over the continent… just keep us informed about the project. Nice to hear about you. Kind regards, Robert


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