Hot Rod Adventures: Final Installment of No Brakes!

The wait is finally over…


…the dramatic, spine-tingling, and thrilling conclusion of “Grease Girl and the Hot Rod Bomb”!


If you missed the first two installments, see them here:



Thanks again to ABS Power Brake!

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5 Responses

  1. jpkalishek

    Hey Milady, was poking through your Flickr account via the link, and saw your A.E. inspired jacket. My great aunts were friends of hers back in the day, so I did a quick search to find this vid: one of these two is Aunt Babe. (I believe it is the left wing rider) and some photos on Flickr: The links for my Grampa (did wing walking and parachuting for the Fyling Circus) and his other sis (she a pilot during this time) are only behind pay-walls.

    But see, the crazy in me is gene deep, and not just one-off. Even more distant cousins were Air Racers (this is recent time not Golden Age) so it didn’t start with my branch of the nut tree (~_^)

      • jpkalishek

        They lived out your way (Santa Barbara for one, Palm Springs iirc for the other) and I only met them when I was 4 after Grandpa died and they returned to Michigan for the funeral. Sadly, both had it rough in old age (suffering dementia) and one even forgot she was ever “someone that crazy” or “I would never try to be a pilot” and even that man walked on the moon. So all my stories are at once or twice removed.
        I do recall scars on Grandpa’s back when he was shirtless and they were from being drug across a cut corn field by his ‘chute.

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