If you’re anything like me, sometimes you wait until the last minute to think about gifts. Whether you’re looking for something unique for that car-loving, adventure-seeking person in your life – or merely for a good free-time read for yourself – I’d highly suggest Motor Dolls. I’m not only mentioning it because my good pal, Lori, wrote it (and Bondorella has a role) – but I recently finished reading it and enjoyed every moment. I battled between wanting to rush straight through it and relegating myself to a chapter a day – as I loved being immersed in the story so much that I didn’t want the book to finish! A story about a pair of car-loving gals and good pals during their Summer of Thrills. Not only do I love the adventures and mystery that they find themselves in the middle of, but I love that the two main characters are thoroughly unique, independent, and courageous. While not too juvenile for adults…I can’t wait to get one for my teenage niece! Order it on Amazon, or directly through www.MotorDolls.com. There’s even a giveaway you can sign up for before January 9th! Happy Trails, Kristin

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