Declare yourself a Grease Girl!


I’ve been waiting and waiting to announce this…we’ve teamed up with hot rod artist BOMONSTER to bring you awesome designs that will help you celebrate being a Grease Girl!

Running into BO for the first time at Grand Nationals a few years back, his art had a completely unique look and I loved the authenticity and creativeness in it. His designs transcended a certain car model or type and embodied the heart of hot rodding culture to me – fun, freedom, & grease.

By the time I saw BOMONSTER at another show, he’d gotten a few of his designs printed on girls t-shirts…and it was the very first t-shirt purchase I ever made at a car show! My first BOMONSTER shirt has his iconic “BOMONSTER” helmet-head on it and, still, years later I smile each time I look at or wear it.


When I thought about how cool it would be to wear art representing who a “Grease Girl” is, BOMONSTER is the first and only one I thought of – I knew his designs would reflect the true spirit of being a hot rodding, wrench turning lady. He loved the idea and pretty soon I had this design sent to me. It only took one look to see he’d struck the nail on the head!


Beginning with a 4” sticker, which has a background color matching the Studebaker, BOMONSTER has gotten such good feedback on it at shows that he’s followed up with a tank top and patch. Earlier this month while at Lone Star Round Up I spotted the very first gal sporting a Grease Girl shirt, so cool! (I think I was more excited then her!!)


My BOMONSTER x Grease Girl patch has found a good home on my coveralls… and I can’t wait to see the many other Grease Girls who will wear their love of wrenching with pride! The patch, sticker, or tank top is available to purchase through BOMONSTER’s site – extra points to anyone who can spot BO’s hidden 1964 Kellison Astra X-300GT, you’ll find one hidden in all of his art! As more designs are released, you’ll be sure to hear about it here!

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    • Kristin Cline

      That design sits by my office computer in sticker form…I love it too! Don’t tell anyone…but a motorcycle-geared Grease Girl design should be coming from BOMONSTER soon!

    • Kristin Cline

      So cool Brittany! I’d love to see a pic of you in the shirt!


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