Crazy Machines, a $10 Spot Welder, & a 16-year-old 200-Club Contender

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Above photos courtesy of Old Machine Press.

While I’m working out the last few kinks in Operation Stude, I’ve decided that every now again I’ll share a small blogroll…the coolest things I find around the web. The first site, Old Machine Press, I came across while Googling the Stutz Black Hawk Special for an article on DrivingLine (Have I shared my day job with all of you?! It’s being Editor-in-Chief for!) I couldn’t stop clicking through to more stories about crazy engines and inventions. They’re conveniently separated into categories on the homepage at  Prepare to be amazed and possibly feel inferior to the amazing minds that built this stuff!

old-machine-press-great- blogUp next is an awesome YouTube channel with all sorts of crazy goings-on – it’s Grant Thompson’s “The King of Random.” How to Build Your Own Spot Welder caught my eye (as I’m still sans-welder in my shop…sob, sob) – upon being impressed I found other funny, interesting, and super handy videos on his channel. For your pending summer campfires might I also recommend this How to Make a S’mores Roaster – perfectly toasted mellows with gooey chocolate and warmed graham crackers…yes please! While you’re subscribing to his, feel free to subscribe to yours truly.

Lastly, as I gear up for my first Speedweek in the driver’s seat, there’s another first-time driver gal…who’s just barely 16! Her name’s Kaylin Stewart and she’s not just going to drive, she’s planning on breaking 200-mph and getting into the 2-club. She recently went through the necessary licensing runs for her B-license and is ready to go come Speedweek! Along the way, she’s chronicling the inspiring stories of the other women of the 200-mile-per-hour club…but she’s pretty darn inspiring herself! Find out more about Kaylin and her “Chasing 200” at


Above photos courtesy of Chasing 200.

I told you these would be cool links! I can’t wait to come back with more news of my Studebaker (which will be soon!)…until then, Happy Trails. Leave a comment with your own favorites across the web!


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  1. Arielle

    There’s some really cool stuff on here, such as the spot welder. Not that I’m not impressed by Kaylin. =)


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