Although it was only last week when I posted that I’d dropped the engine back in my ’55 Studebaker, that happened awhile back…I’m behind in my posting. While I have a couple more things to talk about in the getting it running again chapter, I just can’t wait to share this victory with youThe rev of an engine is music to a car person’s ears. After you’ve spent six months rebuilding an engine, the sound is so much sweeter. Yep…this past weekend Studie’s newly rebuilt engine fired for the first time!!!

It took a couple stabs of the distributor before getting it right as we had trouble getting my engine exactly to top dead center (TDC) as needed, until we borrowed a tool to help turn the flywheel with. After reaching TDC, there was no problem with getting the distributor in correctly…and it only took a couple tries for Studie to fire up! Of course, I had to remember how to start my car…I was so caught up in the moment I kept turning over the starter much longer than needed.


After initial start-up, we pushed Studie out to the light of day for the first time, in what seems like eons, to run for a ~30-minute break in time. As the cam wasn’t changed, it wasn’t a true break-in…but with the new bearings and piston rings, as well as to watch for leaks/temperature/loss of pressure, a stationary break in is always a good idea. She ran like the Champion she is, without issue. She sounds SO much better than when we rolled her in, dirty and worn. The strong and even pops of air from the exhaust are good indicators of healthy compression, very different then the weak and stringy exhaust pressure we started with.

Eventually a test drive was in order, being in Stude’s drivers seat again felt like I’d never left it…except for the increased throttle response of course! I’ll have more Operation Stude lessons, videos, and revving noises for you soon, but I’m also anxious to begin sharing more *non-garage* car adventures too! If you’re not on the monthly GreaseGirl newsletter list, sign-up now before you miss any of the action!

P.S. I usually try to keep my “!” usage under wraps, but I just couldn’t help myself in this post!!! I’m so friggin’ EXCITED!!!!!!!!!

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