Junkyards and swap meets are meccas for car enthusiasts – places to find that hidden treasure, rare part, or deal of a lifetime. While I’ve been to my fair share of swap meets, you’ll probably be surprised that I’ve never actually been to a proper junkyard. I have visited a few private “collections,” but never a basic Pick-and-Pull…they’re not exactly stocked with Studebakers! So when Ethan’s buddy mentioned heading out to the local junkyards this past weekend, I jumped at the opportunity to tag along – and am so glad I did.


We didn’t find what we were looking for (Supra parts), but I had tons of fun. Watching the claw operate was one of my favorite parts, that alone is almost worth the $2 admission price. In the process of learning about cars, junkyards could be treasure troves of education! From seeing engines torn apart to bringing your own tools and taking things apart just for the experience, the learning possibilities are rich. Some things made me a little sad, like spying a Nash destined for the scrapper, but it was a wonderful way to spend a weekend morning. Whether I’m looking for a cheap part or not, I’ll be back…and next time I’m bringing my good camera!

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  1. Arielle West

    I’ve been to a few of those and are not bad places to find parts such as really expensive parts at the dealer or stores, or parts which are no longer made. Downside is in Denver almost all of them are in the commerce city area which is about 30 miles from where I live. I hope you find one that has some Studebakers is in it and post some photos maybe. But I think a lot of that last one was wishful thinking on the Studebaker part. It’s always really kind of sad to see a classic, or what could be nice car going for crushing. Okay it’s up makes me kind of sad see any older car just rotting.


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