What’s your favorite music to listen to while you wrench? Aside from my go-to standards like Social Distortion, every now and then I like to crank up the volume to fabulous ’80s tunes (I am, after all, a child of the ’80s as you can see in the photos!). The past months have been a struggle to wrap up loose ends on my #OperationStude, and so I compiled this “Awesome Garage Girl” playlist on Spotify to motivate me and inject some extra fun into the task at hand. Kicking off with “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” (because don’t we?!) and throwing in some kick-ass modern girl songs too, like Beyonce’s “Run the World”… listen in on this playlist to give a soundtrack to your own awesome garage adventures. I even discovered that Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire” has a quick mention of “Studebaker” in the lyrics!


Which song got left out? Leave a comment and I’ll add it in!

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  1. JP Kalishek

    I keep a laptop out in the garage and except for the occasional video stream of motorsport from Europe, it plays Radio Paradise (radioparadise.com). Bill Goldsmith (once with KPIG) plays a very eclectic mix I find very much to my taste. There are only a few songs he plays that I really dislike, and even some of those are not worth going and hitting the Play Something Different button.
    here is the playlist from a last hour and a half :

    8:06 am – Carole King – So Far Away
    8:00 am – Radical Face – Let The River In
    7:55 am – Radiohead – These Are My Twisted Words
    7:49 am – The Beatles – It’s All Too Much (remix)
    7:45 am – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Lullaby
    7:40 am – Pink Floyd – Learning to Fly
    7:36 am – Depeche Mode – Enjoy The Silence
    7:33 am – Big Country – The Travelers
    7:29 am – Elvis Costello – Living In Paradise
    7:26 am – George Ezra – Barcelona
    7:19 am – Rolling Stones – Time Waits For No One
    7:12 am – Air – La Femme D’Argent
    7:08 am – Dire Straits – When It Comes To You
    7:04 am – David Lindley – Mercury Blues
    7:00 am – Stevie Wonder – Superstition
    6:56 am – John Lee Hooker – This Is Hip
    6:52 am – Jethro Tull – Nothing Is Easy
    6:48 am – Talvin Singh – Butterfly
    6:44 am – Harry Manx – Afghani Raga
    6:38 am – Jesse Sykes & The Sweet Hereafter – The Dreaming Dead
    6:35 am – Neko Case – Buckets of Rain
    6:30 am – Richard Thompson – 1952 Vincent Black Lightning (live)
    6:24 am – Hot Tuna – Candy Man

    He also tosses in classical,, some oldies and some oddities.

    I didn’t really start listening to music until the 80’s, but my tastes never really solidified by 27 yrs old like most people. So my tastes run from Baroque to Alt J.
    Now, if only I could afford to air condition the garage so working out in near 100 degrees was easier (~_^)

    • Kristin Cline

      Hey thanks JP! That IS quite an eclectic mix you listed! I chose Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition” to add to my Spotify list, hope you enjoy!
      P.S. I’m with ya on the air conditioning… and I start complaining when it hits 80! 😉

      • JP Kalishek

        Bill G also does a lot of themes like he might play Brownstone Paradise by Stevie, then do Stevie Ray Vaughn covering Superstition, then someone covering a SRV song or other themes styles and of course “Now For Something Completely Different” like playing a Chemical brothers song, after just having played Billie Holiday or Vivaldi.
        I read through your playlist thinking “Oh, I remember that coming out”, or “Hey, that’s cool”. There are a few not on my personal likes list (never was a fan of Madonna or Beyonce) but certainly nothing that would rate an “ACK! Shut it off!”(~_^)
        Did you hear any of Cindy Lauper’s blues album she did a while back? That was pretty good.

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