Not all gals know about these female-driven automotive associations, but if you’re a working auto-related professional (greasy or not) OR are thinking about joining the industry workforce… these professional automotive women associations are amazing resources! From mentorship, networking, learning, and just plain meeting other car industry women they are great things to be involved with. While I have been happily welcomed by the many male colleagues I work with, sometimes you just need a girlfriend to help give you the boost you’re needing to get you to that next level! I’ve had the pleasure of being involved with both, and in a couple of weeks will be headed off to Denver for the Car Care Council Women’s Board Summer Leadership Conference. Read on to learn more about both the Car Care Council Women’s Board as well as the SEMA Businesswomen’s Network and what they can offer you!

Car Care Council Women’s Board


Initially meeting up with this group via chatting on Facebook with Amy Mattinat, who’s both a female shop owner and the board’s current President. Amy invited me to a lunch gathering during SEMA last year – and I can’t wait to get to know these ladies more and get more connected. This group has a good number of women who are shop owners and/or automotive technicians – such as Bogi Latiner, owner of 180° Garage and co-host of All Girls Garage, who I learned more about owning a shop from in 15 minutes walking around SEMA together then I had researching hours on the internet. There are also other automotive aftermarket business owners, professionals, and the like involved with this group who’s “vision is to encourage and help women in their careers – advance their careers professionally, advance their careers personally – and grow this industry,” says Amy.

For those still working their way in, Women’s Board also offers scholarships, giving away $24,000 last year, and offer mentorships helping to connect women in school/starting-off with a mentor in the industry. Find out more info at or on their Facebook page – or join in on the summer leadership conference August 13-14th in Denver!

SEMA Businesswomen’s Network


I first really got connected with SEMA Businesswomen’s Network (SBN) during the Powered by Women Mustang Build a few years ago, where we built a Mustang for SEMA. As part of SEMA, this group is very diverse – everything from marketers, racing professionals, manufacturers, media, painters, builders, business professionals and everything in between. SBN offers a number of special networking and learning opportunities from Gear-up Girl to the annual SEMA Speed Networking Breakfast. With over 440 members and growing, there is a wealth of women with resources to help connect you in new ways! Connect with SBN via

What about the rest of you? Please share your experiences in the comments below!

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    The topic of the August Open House at Blacktop Depot is “Car Club Confidential”. All car clubs are welcome to come share news about their club, share tips and learn from other car clubs. Each club will have 5 minutes on the mic to make announcements for their club. Come on by Thursday August 20, 5-9pm. Blacktop Depot 418 W. Chapman Ave, Orange, CA Refreshments will be served. More info:


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