When I started on my car journey, car magazines were the first thing I picked up to start learning. Rod & Custom was my book of choice and in the beginning, there was a ton of vocabulary that went over my head! I became familiar with what “B-pillar,” “channeling,” and the like meant from reading their terrific tech sections. When I’d drop in to bookstores and browse the full realm of hot rod-centric magazines, it wasn’t long before I noticed that all of the writers and photographers names were fellas (which is part of the reason that I began automotive journalism myself!)

In my years as “Grease Girl,” I’ve ran into tons of other awesome women who are also into cars – a few of which are also writers & photographers. In fact, there are some awesome magazines created by and for us gearhead gals! Not only are they great reads, but they also help to give a female voice as well as highlight other great car-lovin’ ladies out there. And since googling “car girl magazines” shows you various ladies in bikinis… I’m listing them out here to help you in your car reading pursuits!

Woman Car Magazines

Throttle Gals


A quarterly print magazine hitting the presses since 2010. Filled with car features, tech articles, and more covering both two- and four-wheeled beauties. Drop in at throttlegals.com for some bloggy car girl reading or to subscribe to the magazine.

Ladies in Autosports


Established in 2010 as a digital magazine, LIA just released it’s first print issue this past year. With tons of car features, plus event coverage, interviews, and tech LIA is N.T.M (Not To Miss)! Read past issues via at liamag.com and get deets on subscribing.

Girls N’ Garages


Creating a community of women who love to get their hands dirty (hey, I know someone that sounds like that)! Subscribe to either a digital magazine or print issue which comes out quarterly – plus web stories and social pages for the interim. You’ll even find something written by yours truly in the newly released Issue 1.

Other Great Car Girl Reading

In addition to the above print magazines, here are a couple of my favorite online car-centric sites piloted by women…

Motor Dolls


To be clear, Motor Dolls is actually first a novel, and second a blog. A fictional mystery filled with friendship, hot rods, and awesome adventure written by Lori Bentley Law – she also features real-life Motor Doll profiles in her blog. Check both out at MotorDolls.com.

Motorhead Mama


As soon as you discover Motorhead Mama, you’ll be certain that you’re not the only snarky car gal around. Mama dishes out humor and opinions on car culture at large in SoCal and beyond. If you’re ready to LOL, head over to MotorheadMama.com!

Feel free to share your own favorites in the comment section below!

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  1. Verna Elizabeth Camara

    As a female hotrod builder its nice to see girls that actually get there hands dirty. In my time I’ve seen various levels of “car girls”, most I have had a small disappointment in when I find out there just a pretty face that drives a car their husband put together for them. I am so happy to findicate other chicks out there like me.
    Owner of VRG hotrods


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