Lava Soap & I worked together to create the following short about my messy little life! Check it out…

It isn’t very often I work with/endorse companies, but for Lava Soap, a product my Grandpa, Dad, and now I have been using for years and love, I was happy to share my story for them. The day I filmed, I was working on getting the head back on our 1960 Falcon. There’s still a couple small things to wrap up on the Falcon before getting him out of the garage, but for now we’ve got our nose to the grindstone to get both my ’55 Studebaker and Mister’s ’57 Ford to Viva Las Vegas! Time to get back into the garage…

Happy Trails,


While not how we’d clean if we were assembling a race engine or some other beloved project… the Falcon gets a quick cleaning treatment with zippy

Head was decked and rebuilt with much needed new springs. It hadn’t looked like this 200-straight-six head had been rebuilt since it went in the ’65 Mustang it originally came out of.


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4 Responses

  1. JP Kalishek

    Great stuff, milady!
    I was just thinking about your two wheeled leanings and thought maybe you’d like to hear about GT-Moto.
    Some beautiful custom bikes have been coming from the Dallas area shop and while I know you are looking more towards a more modern ride than the normal brat, cafe, or scrambler fare, the reason I think the shop would interest you is it is owned by Sofi Tsingos.
    Check out some of the bikes.

    • Kristin Cline

      Love them JP, thanks for the link! The more time passes, the more I’m owning to the fact that I probably won’t ever buy a normal, modern bike… it’s just against my nature!

    • Kristin Cline

      *Gasp!* You’ve never tried Lava… you are in for a treat Arielle! It not only works fab but it smells perfect and soapy too!


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