Since I first posted about Ethan & I aiming to both get our car projects finished in time for Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender, it’s been about a month. You might say that we’re taking on the most serious form of car show prep as we’ve got roughly 17 days to go and world’s of work to do to get both our classic cars ready! Ethan’s been away most of the past month on business, which means the majority of the work done thus far is planning, planning, planning…

1955 Studebaker Project Update

My search to research cams until I understood enough to make a wise decision finally paid off this weekend! It felt as if I’d never be able to wrap my head around the many variables and specs involved… but after spending much longer than anticipated doing my homework, I was able to choose and purchase a new cam, rocker arms, and a few other valvetrain components (stay tuned for me to share more about choosing a cam). Those parts should arrive in time to do the wrenching next weekend, after which my ’55 Studebaker will go straight to California Performance Transmissions for them to work their magic and replace my 700R4. After going through 4 transmissions in the past 8 years (such as the time my trans broke and I replaced it at Gene Winfield’s), I’m ready to invest in a true solution that will last!


1957 Ford Project Update

Ethan’s ’57 Ford project has, of course, taken on a life of it’s own that strays quite far from what I originally posted when I announced #OperationViva. Both while he was gone and this past weekend I’ve worked to get the chassis and firewall clean and ready for paint. Of course most of what was on the car ended up on me – they don’t call me Grease Girl for nuthin’! Just as a reminder, look at how his car started off…


While away, Ethan planned and ordered parts – everything from rust-away from Eastwood to fresh suspension components and a front disc brake conversion. He’s also got his wiring and new engine management system figured out.


He’s gotten the new suspension cleaned, painted, and re-assembled to the point it’s ready to go back on the car. He’s also been working on doing the needed final assembly to his Ford 5.0 engine that will be replacing the straight-six that came out of this little beauty. Hear more about Ethan’s ’57 Ford in our quick update video below and subscribe to GreaseGirl on YouTube to be sure and not miss next week’s update!


70 years of grime has been cleared away from these chassis rails! They’re nearly ready to be coated with fresh black chassis paint now! Seen below with freshly painted control arm in where it will soon go…


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