Gettin’ Patriotic with The Pinup Angels

pinupangelsgroup2As Memorial Day and July 4th are sparkin’ up our summers – let me introduce some gals who are sparkin’ up some TLC for our boys serving overseas. The Pinup Angels are a group made up entirely of volunteer pinups. These ladies make care packages (with pictures included of course) and send them out to show a little love and care to our troops overseas.

We all know of the WWII pinup being used to boost troops moral and I think it’s really cool that these ladies aren’t just posing but they’re very active in finding other ways to support guys who are working to defend the ol’ USofA. Their care packages deliver not just pictures, baked goodies, and other useful stuff – but they deliver a message to the fellas that people back home are thinking of them and are very grateful for their service.


I was fortunate enough to get a chance to talk to Miss Kitty Baby, the Pinup Angel’s leading lady, while at Viva Las Vegas.With tattoos and bright red hair, she’s not your average 1940s girl – but she definitely has the old-fashioned caring heart of gold we’d all like to imagine ladies to have.

Coming from a military service herself (she was a Marine!), Miss Kitty has always been community-oriented. So after putting in her years of service and donating her own money she wanted to find a new way to raise support and involve others along the way. So in June of 2007 she put the word out and started gathering other pin-ups to her cause. Based out of Seattle, the Pinup Angels now have 25 regular volunteers who get together every couple months. They’ve sent overseas a whooping 1300 care packages! Not only do they send care packages but they also show up at tons of different events to fundraise, meet people, and have fun.

That’s a whole lotta lovin’! So as we celebrate these holidays of freedom- after the barbecue’s over head on over to The Pinup Angels and find out ways to support them with what they do. In fact, in May if you subscribe to Bachelor Pad magazine through the angel’s site (this month is featuring the lovely Bernie Dexter) they’ll donate 5 magazines to be added to care packages – what a deal! Chances are you’ll be able to find these gals at any number of car shows throughout the year. And I guarantee – they’re even more lovely in person than they are in the photos!


So a big thanks out there to all the folks who’ve served our country and thanks to Miss Kitty and all the ladies of The Pinup Angels for makin’ patriotism look so good…keep up the good work!

Happy Trails!


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