Bonneville Salt Flat Favorites

One great thing about attending Speedweek at Bonneville Salt Flats is that there’s something for everyone. You get to watch all sorts of vehicles leaving from the same starting line, all seeking to break the record of whatever class they’re in. And just like in the “good ol’ days” of hot rodding – the only thing anyone really cares about is going fast! But until I get to sit behind the wheel and drive down the salt at record breaking speeds, I’ve gotta pay attention to some of the other details that just might not have anything to do with speed!

Best Way to Get Around. This isn’t a mini-sized hotwheel! This is a monster-truck sized red wagon!

Best Body Type. Call me partial, but I can’t help but have a little pride when the most common body type ya see at Bonneville is nearly as old as Speedweek and happens to be almost identical to my own daily driver! That’s right, Studebaker Coupe’s were aerodynamic when first made and they just keep on breaking records…even in 2009!

Best Build Story
. I couldn’t decide whether to make this Best Looking or Best Build Story…but when ya find out the story behind this 1952 Buick I think you’ll agree I made the right choice!

Best Vantage Point. Behind the drivers seat is where I wanna be! Until I get the chance to be inside a vehicle – I’ll stick around Mile 0 (a.k.a. the starting line). From here you get the noise and excitement of lift off! Not to mention getting the chance to talk with crew and drivers of the race vehicles waiting in line for their turn!

Best Portable Cooler
. It gets hot out on the salt so its always wise to keep your cool drinks right with ya. What better way then on the back of your own homemade tricycle?!

Best Dad
. Yep…this is mine. He came to Speedweek with me (and he wrote about it too!) I loved how many families take part in Speedweek together.

Best 2-Wheeled Invention. I’ve never seen any other motorcycle come close to the beauty found in Akira Tsukagawa’s 1946 1350cc Harley Davidson. If it weren’t breaking speeds over 100mph I’d say it would serve good purpose in a gallery…West Coast Choppers eat your socks.

Best Push Car
. Most vehicles need a push from the starting line because their gears won’t engage until they’ve got some speed. I loved that this crew kept the push vehicle old skool! Not to mention the sweet paint job.

Best Shiny Object
. Although the Hot Rod Trophy is nice and shiny – I had to go with “Saltflyer” for this category. A 1989 Benham Lakester powered by a 565″ Chevy V-8. And just imagine what it would be like to be practically laying on your back in the nose of this Lakester, driving down that lane o’salt…I’d call that Best Thrill Ride!

Best Team Motto. Ya couldn’t sum it up better than this…Friends – Family – Fun…that’s what Speedweek is all about!

What about you? What’s your Speedweek favorites? Leave a comment & let me know!

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