In a few hours I’ll be zooming off in Stude across the desert to Las Vegas…where I get to see my fabulous family! This past weekend as I was in Mojave, my brother and nephews just happened to be passing by so stopped into Gene Winfield’s shop to say “hi.”

It was such a treat to have them stop in – and the little guys hadn’t seen Stude’s sparkly headliner yet…between that and the engine they were pretty impressed. Evidently (according to my nephews) the speed of a car is entirely dependent on its paint job. So Stude has some catching up to do…Trey says bright yellow is the fastest. Don’t worry, as adorable as my nephew is, Stude won’t be painted yellow anytime soon!

Happy Trails,


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  1. Jameswaterwolf

    I was told that cars will go faster with a slippery wax job to allow for better airflow ! Try it Kristen and get back to us with the results ! I kinda like the leather look for a paint scheme. Paint it flat black and then add polish for the leathery shine… James

  2. Phil Luyer

    Have a good trip GG! We’re flying out in about 30 hours, headed to San Francisco, then down to LA and then across to Vegas… Although we’re going the long way there…


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