A New Look for Stude?

It’s a mere 3 days until I leave for Speedweek and I’m so excited! I will be driving my Stude up to Bonneville, where she’ll get her first taste of the salt. Now I’m wondering…perhaps she needs a set of moon discs for the occasion. I’ve photoshoped this picture to preview the new look, what do ya’ll think???

Besides…this would solve my “things getting ripped off my car issue” that I’ve experienced with the Falcon the past couple months as I’ve been parked on the street in my neighborhood. Since Stude’s been back from Mojave I’ve kept her hubcaps popped off so I wouldn’t lose them!

5 Responses

  1. The Gear Head Skeptic

    Oh HELL yes. Moon discs look great on everything, especially a streamlined body like that. You might be able to buy a set from the Moon trailer in the pits while you’re there. Enjoy Speed Week!

  2. Donny

    looks goods now you need to lower her down and reverse the tires see ya in Bonnevile!!

  3. Arielle

    I like the look!

    I weirdly have moon caps on the passenger side only, and the steel look on the driver’s. Weird, I know.


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