Hey all! I’m currently out here at the Bonneville Salt Flats for Speed Week 2010! What’s even better, is Studie’s here with me…we made the 11 hour drive from Los Angeles. You can follow all of the action over at MyRideisMe.com where I’ve already posted a couple stories, as well as the other fella’s. To learn all about Speed Week and Land Speed Racing, check out the MyRideisMe’s Bonneville Coverage!

2 Responses

  1. Jameswaterwolf

    Looks like it damn well belongs on the salt! My prediction is 140 mph…Good Luck GG, James

  2. Phil Luyer

    Awww sweet… Good to see you got out there… We took the Caddie out too, but after driving down from San Jose to LA, went out via Death Valley and a few days in Vegas before detouring to the Grand Canyon and up to Bonneville / Wendover… Stayed at the Garter while we were there…


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