Picture of the Week: Salty Studebakers

2010 Speedweek – Bonneville Salt Flats

Some things just need to be seen – like this grouping of Studebakers we shot out at Speedweek this past August! Two racing Studes and two spectator Studes. With less then half a year to go until Speedweek 2011, I’m already counting the days!

Be on the lookout for more picture’s of the week – there’s so many great shots I don’t always get the chance to share here on GreaseGirl.

2 Responses

  1. JP

    the Salt Flats Speed Week is on my Bucket List. I’m jealous of you Milady!

  2. The Gear Head Skeptic

    Great shot, but what’s Stude doing way back there?

    Bonneville is fantastic for photography! The light is always great, the mountains are beautiful, and the cars are always awesome. You can’t take a bad photo there.

    I was there for the 60th running in ’08 and hope to be back again soon. Maybe I’ll take my dad there this year for his birthday. Speed Week was a bucket list item for me too and I’m SOOO glad I made the trip. It’s only an 1,100 mile drive.


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