Gasoline Girls Invade Ventura Nationals

Ventura Nationals 2010, Primer Nationals 2010, car show, old cars

It was labor day weekend, and you know what that means…leaving LA for the 100 mile drive to Ventura for the weekend. Although the show’s been going on for 8 years now, this year its name changed from “Primer Nationals” to “Ventura Nationals”…so don’t get confused!

car show, ventura nationals, Gasoline Girls Car Club, primer nationals
Other then being filled with great cars, good music, a pinup contest…it was extra special because it also marked the first official show that me and my girl’s car club attended together! I’ve been meaning to introduce ya’ll to them, so no time is better then the present – say hello to the Gasoline Girls! We’ve been meeting up and getting together to wrench on one another’s cars for a few months now  – and having a darn good time at it!

1955 studebaker champion coupe
Waking up early to get parked at the show is difficult (especially when there’s so many after-hours activities going on!) But its a little easier when there’s a pretty Studebaker waiting for you!

Cole Foster's Custom, car show, custom car, old car

The show was at capacity this year, with sweet customs like this one from Cole Foster.

gene winfield, car show, rockabilly girls

Alex Gambino showed up too, as well as my buddy, Gene Winfield.

Custom Car, primer nationals, E Dog Designs

This wild custom was a one-man job by E Dog Designs.

Hot Rod Girls, car show, ventura nationals

Part of the day was spent talking with other ladies. Hopefully these younger gals will be back next year with their own hot rods! The Gasoline Girls also got to meet up with fellow girl car clubs (that’s right, they DO exist)…the Black Widows and Hell’s Belles were represented at Ventura Nationals as well.

roadster, 1927 Model T Roadster, Double Trouble, primer nationals

Perusing the show, I had to wonder how you’d see past this double-engine powered roadster to drive. Coming out of Las Vegas, this hot rod is pushed by 1007 horsepower – yikes!

tailights, custom lowrider, pointy tail lights, car show

The Lowdown Customs Car Club out of the High Desert made a good showing with lots of top notch custom cars.

mild custom, ventura Car Show, Custom Painted Wheels

No detail was overlooked (except that missing lug nut…oops!) as these fade-painted wheels illustrate.

Ventura Nationals Car Show, Chopped El Camino

I can’t remember the last time I’ve ever seen such a nicely chopped El Camino!

1927 Chrysler Roadster, ventura nationals car show

There were more then just customs though! This old-skool styled 1927 Roadster by the Menges Twin’s Speed Shop was bekoning me for a drive along the coast.

Drag Race Roadster, primer nationals car show

Another roadster that was made to be driven is this dragstrip-ready roadster with a very unique engine…can anybody guess what it is?!?

Three Wheeled Missle at Ventura Nationals

Everybody wanted to figure out how this airplane/missle-looking 3-wheeled contraption was enginereed!

1957 Vintage Trailer

When we couldn’t go on any longer, thankfully my friend Chryss had her restored 1957 trailer on site to be the Gasoline Girls lounge area!

Sleeping Grease Girl

Call it what you want, Ventura Nationals/Primer Nationals…this car show is a good time (even if it does tire a girl out!) Mark your calendars for next Labor Day weekend…the Gasoline Girls will be there!

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