#898 obviously isn’t a coupe, but it’s still Speedy. And most importantly, it’s a Studebaker! This 1949 Studebaker farm truck out of Kansas took the second of the two records for this years Speed Week.

Studebaker Truck Record Holding Notes, bonneville salt flats, 898, land speed racing record holder, 898, norris anderson

And break a record did it ever! With Chevy power under the hood in it’s AA/MP class, the old record was blown away by nearly 18 miles per hour! Norris Anderson definitely knows how to build one, as he powered this truck down the line at 219.331mph!

200 MPH Club Member Norris Anderson, speed week 2010, land speed racing, pits

And you know what that means, its a record-breaking run over 200mph… so Norris Anderson gets his well-deserved Bonneville 200mph Club admission. He’ll be a happy man wearing that red hat. In fact… he was already wearing it, even as he did broom duty around the pits!

1949 Studebaker Record Holding Pickup, bonneville salt flats, speed week 2010, land speed racing, norris anderson, 898

It looks like Norris Anderson and his Broom Crew have a lot of fun out on the salt! It was in 2004 that Norris first found the old farm truck and began building it into a salt flats racer in 2004. Their motto? “Safe Trucks Travel Fast.”

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3 Responses

  1. Lori

    Being a truck girl (and a Studebaker fan)… I LOVE THIS!!! I especially love the photo of the run times scrawled across his palm. Outstanding!

  2. Phil L.

    Thank you for the stories from the salt… I loved being out there this year, it was my first time too, and was an amazing experience… Don’t know when I’ll be back again, but I’ll definitely be back… 🙂


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