Stude Rules the Road Once Again!

It’s been pretty dusty around GreaseGirl lately…I apologize for that. Life has been going at warp speed lately – with a new job (yay!), just engaged (double yay!), and pending move (meh) – I’ve been just a little busy. But I fully intend to continue sharing my adventures via GreaseGirl – many will be coming in the near future!

Without further ado, I couldn’t wait to share with you that Studie has been freed from her long imprisonment! She’s been on my driveway due to fuel issues since November. It wasn’t too much money or time to fix the issue – but I just didn’t have either for awhile. After a couple of Saturday-afternoon wrench sessions, the tank was dropped, professionally cleaned, and put back in along with a new fuel pump. The new hard lines to the front are still in the works – but the important thing is she’s back!

I’ll be doing the full write-up very soon – so look forward to a report of my experience soon of dropping a tank for the first time, finding a new favorite tool, discovering a fantastic way to quiet a fuel pump, and lots of other adventures.

Happy Trails,

Grease Girl

P.S. You’ll be glad to know I was snagged by a car-loving Fella! For our first date, I was wearing my overalls and we met at his shop. Many a days have been spent together with our cars…I can’t wait to continue my adventures with a partner-in-crime as fantastic as him!

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  1. steelerubber

    Few things in life better than sharing a hobby with your other half. Best wishes to you both!


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