60 Seconds to Understanding the Basics of How an Engine Works

The first question anyone should ask themselves before diving into mechanics is “How Does an Engine Work?” Sure, some people grow up around a garage and just seem to sponge up this information – but for many, how an engine works is a complete mystery! The very basics of what goes on to power our internal combustion vehicles is useful information for everyone and anyone to have – so I’ve condensed it into a quick 60-second explanation video… enjoy!

Of course, this only covers the very basics… but it gets you on the road to understanding your car better and also making sense of any repairs needed or modifications you’re dreaming of. A couple other helpful YouTube videos I found: one showing the process animated in action and another from Eric The Car Guy goes into 30 minutes worth of detail… just as good  as sitting down with a buddy who knows a lot about cars!

Ready to move to the next level? Perhaps my Engine Building Basics or following along during my first engine rebuild in Operation Stude would be interesting!

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